Beauty in a single session


Thermage is a very efficient anti-aging method that can provide the effects of a face lift without any surgical operation. Thermage acts against the loss of elasticity of the face that occurs as the individual is aging, and help the face maintain its tight and smooth surface.


How does Thermage work?


Thermage is a non-surgical face rejuvenation method. It can achieve a healthier and youthful appearance by improving loosened skin. The procedure stimulates collagen and elastin ligaments under the skin. Collagen production is amplified as a result of this. Connective tissue below the skin is heated using radio waves. This initiates a re-modeling as the collagen is tightened.


Which areas is Thermage applied to?


Thermage can be applied to face, eyelids, belly, arms, hips, lips, legs and around the eyes.


Thermage procedure may last between 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the size of the area, and also on the condition of the patient’s skin. It is applied in a single session, and should be repeated every 1-2 years to achieve the best results. The effects become visible 2 months after the session. Thermage procedure has no known side effects. A fade rash or a very mild burning sensation may be felt.


What are the advantages of Thermage?


Thermage procedure is most useful in tightening the skin, lifting the face, under the chin, and the cheeks. Other than these, Thermage can be applied to other areas of the body for its tightening effect, such as belly, arms, hips and cellulites. It can be suggested that Thermage gives better results when compared to other options. Primary results are instantly visible, and increase over time.


Is Thermage safe?


A burning sensation is felt briefly each time the tip of the device contacts the face. This indicates that the required temperature for the collagen to tighten is achieved. A completely safe procedure, Thermage has no known side effects. Some sensitive individuals may experience swelling or rashes on the face, however these will fade away in a matter of days.