Latest Skin Care Technology


Oxygeneo is a new generation oxygen therapy that increases the oxygen received by skin cells. It makes use of the body’s own mechanisms to create a more clear and fresh facial appearance. It differs from other treatment options as it causes a very minor peeling on the surface of the skin.


What is Oxygeneo?


A brand new skin care system, Oxygeneo can provide all three of skin cleansing, skin tightening and mesotherapy at once. After cleansing the dead cells off the skin, it supplies the body with oxygen. With Oxygeneo, a smoother skin can be achieved without the need for peeling, steam, tonic, masks, massage or moistening, unlike other skin care methods. Oxygeneo operates by making use of ultrasonic sound waves to apply the skin the rejuvenating liquid, so, despite being a mesotherapy method, no needles are used.


There are two different gels used in Oxygeneo. The first one is NeoRevive, which is an anti-aging mixture for rejuvenating the skin. The second one, NeoBright, is used for skin brightening and texture improvement.


How is Oxygeneo applied?


A nourishing gel rich in ingredients is rubbed on the face. After this gel is absorbed by the skin, carbon dioxide bubbles form on the surface of the skin, which then gently burst. Oxygeneo is customized for each patient’s skin condition so that the benefits rapidly become visible. The skin looks much more youthful after the nutrients are infused.


Who is eligible for Oxygeneo?


Anyone who wants to take long term precautions for aging symptoms are eligible or Oxygeneo. It is especially appealing to individuals who have wrinkles, large poles or a matte skin.


Oxygeneo takes approximately 1 hour, leaving a soothing after-feel. Oxygeneo is a 4 step skin care procedure. These are: oxygen, radio frequency, ultrasound and neomassage. You can achieve a brighter, youthful and well-fed skin thanks to Oxygeneo. Since the skin is cleared from dead cell on the surface, it can much better feed and regenerate itself after the procedure. The effects are visible right after the procedure is finished. For the best results, it is better if Oxygeneo is applied regularly.