Wrinkle Treatment



Wrinkle treatment is a procedure applied for clearing wrinkles and expression lines that gradually become apparent as the person is aging. It is most commonly performed for clearing off the lines that occur on the forehead, the area between the two eyebrows, on the neck and the thin lines on the corners of the eyes. In regularized application of the therapy, the patients are guided to change their facial expression habits in order to prevent further wrinkling.

About Wrinkle Treatment

Wrinkle treatment is a procedure used to clear off the wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes or on the neck. It can also be applied to tighten saggy cheeks, make the face thinner, and eliminate excessive sweating from the hands, armpits and feet.

The operation is a simple process consisting of injecting a filler in the muscles through very thin needles. The filler is in fact a bacterial toxin harvested from bacteria. This toxin affects the neuromuscular system by temporarily inducing a state of paralysis on the muscles. If the treatment is applied in the early stage of wrinkle development, it is possible to prevent wrinkles from becoming permanent. The same filler is used for the treatment of some neurological diseases in addition to its application in aesthetic procedures.

Which issues can the Wrinkle Treatment address?

It can aid in reversing the issues that emerge due to motion of facial muscles in time. The filling disrupts the interaction between the muscles and the nerves, thus temporarily deactivating contraction. This intervention reduces expression lines appearing on the face.

Application areas of the Wrinkle Treatment


Between eyebrows

Outer margins of eyes

Upper lips

Neck area

Palm sweating

Muscle pain and migraine aches

How is the Treatment applied?

It is a procedure of injecting with needles. About 20 minutes prior to the procedure, the area of interest is rubbed with an anaesthetic gel. Once the gel takes effect, the filler is injected within the muscle in small doses using fine point needles. This procedure takes approximately 20 minutes. Outcome of the treatment becomes visible 3 or 4 days after the application. This time period may vary by the dosage used as well as from individual to individual. For better results, the treatment best be repeated in a while.

Since the substance injected is not a stuffing, it will not cause fullness or swelling. The toxins loosen the muscles and this causes the apparent wrinkles to reduce. Effects of the treatment last 4 to 6 months. Once this period is over, the area will return to its prior state. It is observed that applying the treatment to the same area for 5 or 6 sessions prolongs its effects.