By Dr. Muba Clinics

Breast augmentation is an operation where implants are inserted to achieve larger breasts. Other aesthetic interventions can be done during the same operation, such as a breast lift (mastopexy), if the breasts are saggy, or the elimination of breast asymmetry, if present. This procedure is known to have a very positive effect on the person’s psychosocial condition.

Is there an age limit for the operation?

Since the breast tissue is fully developed by the age of 18, anyone who is or above 18 years old can undergo this operation.

How is breast augmentation surgery performed?

General anesthesia is used in breast augmentation surgery. The operation lasts approximately 60 minutes. Depending on the anatomical structure of the patient, the incisions can be made under the breast, around the breast areola or on the armpits. The implants are placed either under or over the muscle tissue, depending on the size of the patient’s breast tissue.

Whether it is placed under over the muscle, what matters in the insertion process is that the implants are placed properly and the breast tissue is left unharmed afterwards. It is very crucial that the implants are properly placed, since otherwise edges of the implants can be perceived from the outside, which is a very common concern among patients.

After the surgery, painkillers are applied inside the muscles so that no pain is experienced the following days. The patients can go back to their daily lives within 3 days after the surgery.

Another common worries among patients are the subjects of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Having implants on one’s breasts in no way hinders the ability to produce milk or breastfeed. Risk of cancer is also completely irrelevant to breast implants.

Implant types

Implants come in two different shapes, round or anatomical (teardrop shape). The outer texture can be rough or smooth, and the inside of the implants can be either filled with a physiological serum or a silicon gel. The size of the implant can vary in all three dimensions (width, height and depth), and the best implants are chosen considering the patient’s expectations and body structure. It is not possible for the implants to burst, unless exposed to very serious trauma.

What should I look out for after the surgery?

The patient is discharged after a day of hospitalization. After 3 days of rest, the patient is free to have a shower and go back to social life. We suggest that the patient wears a sports bra for about 12 weeks after the operation.

Because an edema will form, the breasts will look larger and tighter than it should be. This condition will resolve in a matter of days. The patient should avoid lifting heavy objects or other such high-pressure activity for 10 days, especially those who had their implants inserted under their muscle tissue.

It is completely safe to keep the implants for a life time, but since the implants’ outer boundaries will wear down over time, it is advised that the implants are replaced after 15-20 years.

I hope that these information will clear confusions and help women decide on what’s best for themselves. It is a pleasure for me to shed light on popular topics about plastic surgery, and I look forward to continue to do so in future article series.

Wish you a life of health and beauty.