Tummy Tuck


Pregnancy and excessive weight change may cause changes in the abdomen. Most common are loosening of the abdominal muscles, fractured skin, sagginess and fat accumulation. A tummy tuck is an operation performed in order to adjust these conditions.


A liposuction is usually sufficient if the only condition in the abdomen is fat accumulation. But if other conditions such as sagginess and fractures are also present, it is necessary surgically remove the excessive skin. If the abdominal muscles are damaged, it may be necessary to repair these (plication). These conditions can be resolved by mentioned operations.


The remaining scar after a tummy tuck operation (abdominoplasty) will fade over time. Nevertheless, the operation is planned in advance to allow the patient to cover the scar with their underwear in the future.


If the deformation in the abdomen is only minor (fractures are only apparent below the belly, the muscles are functional and sagginess is mild), a Mini Tummy Tuck (Mini Abdominoplasty) is an available option.