Arm Lift

The growth of mass in the area between the shoulder and the elbow and the resulting sagginess can easily be eliminated by a liposuction surgery, leaving no scar at all. If the sagginess is too evident to be dealt with liposuction, an arm lift procedure is performed. In this procedure, the saggy skin and fat tissue are completely removed, leaving a straight scar reaching from the elbow towards the armpits. The scar will be on the inside of the arm thus partially hidden.

Thigh Lift

Saggy and loose fat tissue and skin are removed eliptically and the remaining area is tightened to give a straight look. In thigh lifts, the scar is hidden in the groin area.

Leg-Calf Implant and Fat Injection

Some women refrain from wearing skirts because they are too insecure about their legs’ appearance. If there is a difference in diameter between the upper and lower part of the legs, or is there is an asymmetry between the two legs caused by differences in shape or thickness, these can be eliminated by a calf implant surgery. Although the same problems can also be eliminated by liposuction, in some cases it is much more efficient to perform both liposuction and the calf implant surgery. In other cases, calf implants are unnecessary and a fat injection alone can fix the issue.