Operations performed with the aim of reshaping and improving the appearance of body (Body Contouring) are named liposuction, liposhaping, liposculpturing, lipoffiling etc. Liposuction is the procedure of sucking in the fat cells under the skin with the aid of a vacuum, removing them from the body; thus resulting in a slim, well-looking appearance. At the same the cellulite can be eliminated, if apparent. Legs, hips, lower belly and waist (pear shaped) in women, and abdomen and upper waist (apple shaped) in men are structurally susceptible to fat accumulation.

Liposuction Methods

With the contemporary tumescent method, in which the area to be operated is injected with various medicines before the surgery, complications such as bruising or blood loss which may disturb the patient’s health and well-being afterwards are very uncommon. Various other techniques that differ in application exist, such as ultrasound-assisted liposuction, liposuction with enhanced cannula, laser assisted liposuction (although still experimental), chemical liposuction (also still experimental).

The purpose of these operations are achieving a symmetrical and well-shaped body so it’s not just overweight patients that are viable candidates, but slim patients too if they wish to eliminate local asymmetries caused by local fat accumulation.

To this end, wide and loose hips can be adjusted to look upright, tight and curvy; legs can be straightened to look taller. Knee area can be operated to set aright crooked legs. A straight abdomen can be achieved by eliminating excess fat. A waist curve can be constructed in women who have a flat breast-waist-hip line, so tight dresses or clothing that leave the belly area naked will fit much better on the body. Excess fat overflowing from under the bra in the back area can be removed to achieve a more attractive back. Fat accumulation in the neck and chin area can also be removed to create a youthful look.