LED Therapy


Beauty of Lights


LED therapy is a method of treatment utilizing lights. Unlike lasers which emit heat, lights used in LED therapy are called cold lasers. It is possible by virtue of these cold lasers to rejuvenate the patients and also eliminate their acnes. While there are no known side effects to this method, some individuals may turn out to be too sensitive to light for this therapy.


What is LED (Light Emitting)?


Short for light-emitting diode, LED is a therapy procedure where hundreds of infrareds beams emanate upon the skin in order to treat skin conditions such as pigmentation, acnes, wrinkles and infection.


Also known as phototherapy, LED therapy utilizes lights from different wavelengths. These lights penetrate under the lower layers of skin to stimulate the cells and produce energy out of light, as in photosynthesis. The operation takes 60 to 90 minutes. This procedure, along with other light treatments, works by stimulating the skin to renew itself.


What are applications of LED?


Aesthetic applications

Spots caused by sunlight or aging

Acne treatment


Tissue rejuvenation

Treatment of skin cancer

Warts and skin tumors


Muscle and joint paint


Stimulating blood flow

What benefits does LED therapy provide to the skin?


A tighter skin

Acnes, psoriasis, wrinkles treatment

Less hair

Healthier skin

Increased blood flow

Better looks

Faster metabolism

Most important aspect of the LED therapy is its stimulation of the skin, increasing its regeneration rate. Two sessions are made each week and the complete therapy lasts for 4 to 8 weeks. This therapy can be applied in any time of the year without any issues. LED devices come with 4 different detachable tips, each of them for a different purpose. These are diodes of different colors, red, blue, green and yellow. Diode lights stimulate the collagen tissue under the skin, accelerating its regeneration. This can be made use of by either improving general skin rejuvenation, or to support the healing process of some damaged tissue in particular. Blue light is used on skin with acne problems, green light for penetrating to lower layers to eliminate spots, yellow light for regulating lymph and blood stream to detoxify, and red light for stimulating collagen to achieve tighter skin and youthful appearance.