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Our passion is to ensure that every patient applying to us leaves our clinic in a healthy, beautiful, natural and laughing manner. While realizing this passion, we apply our expertise, experience and knowledge with the most advanced technology and serve at international standards.

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The biggest airport in the world; Provide easy transportation with Istanbul new airport.


You can stay in the Hilton Hotel Kozyatağı, where you can easily reach the airport.


We offer you services before and after surgery by our professional team.


Come not only for the operation but also for the tour. Experience its magnificent history.

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Botox, known as snake venom, is actually pure protein. Botox freezes the muscles in the area where it is made, thereby preventing wrinkles.
Dr. Didem LJOHIY
Liposuction is not a weight loss surgery. It is a body shaping operation performed by taking resistant oils in the body.
Op. Dr. Mbaraka LJOHIY
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