Face-Neck Lift


Sagging of the cheeks and appearance of wrinkles on the face are considered indications of aging and face lift operations are performed in order to fix these transformations. If considered necessary, brow lift, eyelid surgery, neck lift etc. procedures can be applied synchronously to make the face look more proportional. Few kinds of face lift operations are possible, incision areas are same in all of them yet they differ in anatomical plans that is worked upon. One of the methods will be chosen depending on the needs and expectations of the patient.


In face lift operations, the incisions are made above the hair line, behind the ear and in the joining line of the ear and the cheek so the operation marks will not be visible. A neck lift can be applied synchronously without the need for an additional incision, so that the wrinkles on the neck are also fixed. Jowl can be removed if apparent, creating a youthful neck and face.


In some cases, endoscopic face lift is an available option. Liposuction can be applied below the chin to eliminate the fat accumulation that is causing jowl and sagginess, if required.