Face lift


Aging is an inevitable process that becomes apparent due to various chemical and structural factors on the skin. Nowadays, various operations and products are utilized to eliminate the aging symptoms of the skin. HIFU is a painless method used to reverse these conditions. It is a way to regain what aging takes away, without affecting individuals lives negatively.


What is HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound)?


HIFU, short for high intensity focused ultrasound, is a facelift method that makes use of sound waves. It was observed that these sound waves penetrate down to the deepest layer of the skin and help it to maintain tightness. This method also proved useful in non-aesthetic medicine, particularly in liver, breast and uterus cancers.


Who are eligible for the HIFU treatment?


HIFU is most commonly applied to individuals who experience early aging symptoms such as lowered eyebrows, sagginess of cheeks or loosened neck skin. Anyone suffering from aging symptoms on their face or neck can have an HIFU treatment, those who avoid surgical options in particular.


HIFU is applied in a single sessions and it takes about 60 minutes. The effects of HIFU can reach 3.5 to 4 mm under the skin. Penetrating to the lowest layers of the skin, it can achieve better tightening when compared to other methods.


How is HIFU applied?


Any makeup if present is cleared from the face, then, a gel with lubricant and refrigerant properties is rubbed over the skin. The area of operation is mapped by drawing the relevant parts on the face. After the mapping, the procedure is performed on the face, using the chosen device. Duration of the operation depends on the size of the surface. The patient can go right back to their daily life after the session is complete.


What is HIFU effective in?


Fractured skin, cellulites, wrinkles around the eye, jowl sagginess, saggy skin related to rapid weight loss are some conditions that can be treated with HIFU therapy.


It is advised to avoid exposure to sunlight, lying face down, wearing makeup, having a very hot bath, and drying the face with a towel 1 day after a HIFU treatment. Since HIFU stimulates the production of new ligament and collagen, the effects are persistent for a rather long time, although they eventually fade away due to aging, smoking, dietary conditions and sleep problems.