Breast Reduction Aesthetics


In all of the breast reduction techniques, a tissue block referred as a pedicle is created in order for the nipple and the surrounding area (aroela) to be able to nourish itself and the specific method is named after the way this is done (vertical mammaplasty, superomedial, medial and inferior mammaplasty).


All breast reduction surgeries leave a scar. In classical reverse “T” methods, a reversed “T” shaped scar is left, starting from the edge of the areola (the dark colored area around the nipple), going down below the breast, then going in both directions with the natural curve of the breast. Whereas in a vertical surgery, the scar is a straight “I” shape line. Whether the scar is a “T” or an “I” shape depends on the size of the breasts undergoing the operation.


Given that the patient doesn’t have any pre-existing conditions which hinder wound recovery, after a successful surgery, the remaining scar will be little to none, which will gradually fade over time. Milk producing glands and the vessels in the breast that transport the milk to the nipple are for sure to be affected by the surgery, but the size of the effect and whether it will be permanent or not is directly linked to method that had been chosen.


To what extent the nipple sensation will be affected is also related to the chosen technique. While some surgeries cause the nipple sensation to completely disappear, others will leave it unaffected.


Breast reduction surgeries can be applied for health reasons as well as aesthetic reasons. If oversized breast affect the person’s psychology negatively, or cause one of many physical symptoms such as back or neck pain, dermal infections and rashes under the breast, difficulty breathing while lying down, rapid exhaustion during physical work, breast reduction is necessary to eliminate these problems. Women who undergo breast reduction surgeries are %40 less likely to develop cancer than those who do not.


Nipple and areola asymmetries are fixed in any of the breast augmentation, breast reduction and breast life surgeries. Any sagginess if present is also fixed at the same time. If the breast size is healthy but sagginess is present, only breast lift surgery is applied