Breast Augmentation Aesthetics


Breast augmentation surgeries can be done using the patient’s own tissue (fat injection), but most of the time special breast implants are used to achieve the same goal. I personally prefer implant surgeries since this method enables the aesthetic outcome of the operation to last for a longer time period.

The Breast Implant Technique for Breast Augmentation

Breast implants are applied by making a small incision on one of the following areas: the lower side of the breast areola, the lower curve of the breast, the armpit or rarely the belly. The implant can be placed either under or over the muscle. Each of these techniques have advantages and disadvantages of their own. The method I use most often is by making an incision on the lower curve of the breast. If the patient’s own breast tissue is sufficient, the implant can be placed over the muscle. If not, the underside of the muscle is preferred. However this is a matter on which only the patient and the surgeon can decide. The most commonly used kind of implants are the ones filled with a silicone gel, for the outcome of these implants are far better. These implants come in two shapes, round or anatomical (teardrop shape). Breast implants have no negative effects on breastfeeding or pregnancy, especially if applied under the muscles. Any perceivable effect on the patient’s sensation of their breasts is not an expected outcome of the surgery. Not only there is no known evidence on cancer development related to the silicone used in the operation, but the latest researches on the subject put forth that women with breast implants are %30 less likely to develop breast cancer than those without implants.