New Technology in Skin Cleaning Aquapeel

 With Aquapeel, you can experience the comfort of in-depth skin cleansing. With Aquapeel application, aging effects are delayed and skin cleansing success is achieved. It is an extremely successful technique performed without any surgical intervention or chemical peeling procedure and without any subcutaneous substance.

Aquapeel is a medical skin care system used in the form of vacuum power and water pressure. It is aimed to provide a deep cleaning by preventing the skin from being damaged during the application.


It is a device that performs skin cleansing and care in 15 minutes, such as correcting wrinkles, removing acne and opening pores without any surgery, pain and side effects.


According to the desired effect in the application area, ready-to-use solutions are gradually applied to the skin with pressure, and also withdrawn from the skin with the effect of vacuum. Thanks to this technology, both the dead skin is removed from the skin and pores are opened, and the lower layers of the skin are cleaned and they can benefit from skin care products more. It provides peeling, hydration, extraction and antioxidant effects in a single application within the Aquapeel application. Aquapeel application is carried out in 3 steps.

AquaAHA: It is a solution with low levels of alpha hydroxide acid (AHA). It is applied for 5-10 minutes to remove dead tissues and open pores according to the needs of the skin.

AuqaSA: It is a solution containing low salic acid (SA). It is applied for 5-10 minutes in order to help deep cleansing of the skin, acting up to the lower layers of the skin.

AquaMS: It is a solution containing active ingredients that are soothing and moisturizing. After the first two steps, it is applied for 5-10 minutes to soothe and moisturize the skin.

With the Aquapeel application, the skin is renewed and rejuvenated and wrinkles and acne are removed. Thus, healing of clogged pores and rough skin is provided. The benefits of Aquapeelin include one-time cleansing, peeling, hydration and antioxidant, comfort as it is not a surgical method, and immediate improvement of pores and skin. After this application, the skin should not be touched, make-up and should not be exposed to the sun. Aquapeel is made for every person and different skin types. With this application, you will notice that your skin is relaxing.