By Dr. Muba Clinics

Breast aesthetics are surgeries aimed at fixing the smallness, disproportionate bigness, flabbiness or asymmetry of breasts. Breasts are of great importance to woman, therefore these surgeries can fix the structural problems of the female body, thus increase self-confidence.

For the breast to look good, the size and shape should be proportional to other parts of the body, and the construction should be planned according to the desired bra size of the patient.

Patient should be at least 18 years old for the aesthetics breast surgerie to have a well-looking outcome. However, if the issue has a massive impact on the psychology of the person such as causing low self-esteem; or, as in the case of oversized breasts, causing shoulder, neck and back pain, arm numbness, difficulty at physical activity, cuts in the bra area, dermal infections under breasts, rash or bad smell, or breathing difficulties, the operation best not be postponed.

Techniques Used in Aesthetic Breast Surgeries

Every surgeon has their techniques of choice. The patient should be well-informed on the consequences of these techniques in advance. Likewise, the patient’s expectations have to be clearly understood by the surgeon. Regardless of the preferred technique, there is only one ultimate aim for the operation, and that is the eliminations of the patient’s physical, social and mental problems to let them develop happiness and self-confidence.